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Was He A Senior Or Not?

Hello Collectors,


Was he a senior or was he not? The REVEAL!
(Continued from last week)
Jim went methodically through each item. As he drew to the end of his presentation, I asked:
“Absolutely Nothing!!” Jim answered.
“Oh! What? Nothing?” I asked?

Jim explained he didn’t need money. He and his wife had been very fortunate over the years. Jim related how, in 1947, as a very young man, he and his young wife came to Canada from Ireland. They had little money but they were united in their love of life and soon found jobs.
His declaration (to potential employers) was, “Just give me a chance. Anybody, just give me a chance! I’ll show you what I can do.” 
Jim found employment with the City of Edmonton, in the finance department — even though, he didn’t have the “skill set” of a chartered accountant or a bookkeeper. He remained with the City for quite a number of years. He further related:
“We are very comfortable in our senior years. Our good fortune has left us healthy and, financially secure, with a strong family and good friends. 
Therefore, I really don’t need money. Besides that, we have our pension plans including Federal, Provincial and Municipal. I even have a small pension from Ireland!”
WOW!!  All Good Stuff. Jim’s intentions were very clear:
“I’m giving back, in hopes of strengthening Edmonton communities. With this in mind, I would like the ESC to sell this collection, at auction, and donate half of the prices realized to the Salvation Army and the remaining half to the Edmonton Stamp Club.”
Then, with a jump in his step, he climbed the stairs; put on his boots, and donned his yellow plaid jacket. As he went out the door, he turned around and said:
“Hey, John, I’m ninety (90) years old!  Have a Merry Christmas!!”

Everyone here at MJR would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We hope your holiday is filled with family, laughter and loads of yummy treats. 🎄🎅🎁🥧


Take care,
John Bucci


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