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What Happened Next? The MJR Collecting Story (continues)...

A big THANK YOU to all of you telling YOUR story, of how you got started collecting.😊😊 

Keep those stories coming. All interesting stuff.

What Happened Next? 

The MJR Collecting Story (continues)...
The great big brown shopping bag with all of those Queen Elizabeth (4 cent red) Cameo stamps? They are now wrinkled, curled and a few are still in half decent shape.

Well, what do I do with this mess... or I mean treasure? Literally thousands of them.
Now as the learning curve continued, a knowledgeable stamp collector mentioned "tags" to me.

The question was, “did you know that some stamps have “tags” on them?”


What are “tags”? 
Well, if you scan an ultraviolet light over a stamp the “tag” may glow, and is noticeable in a dark room.

Oh ya, right?

We are not talking about Rudolph and his nose again are we?
Purchase one of these ultraviolet lights and try it out for yourself, $20 bucks. 

So, I bought one and I was anxious to try this somewhat sceptical experiment. Now, ready to go I waved the magical wand and flipped the switch to off in the room. Then I flashed the UV in to the bag, stuck my head in, and guess what? 
A few stamps glowed. A Winnipeg “tag” apparently? Well I repeated the process, grasping the “glow”. Can you believe that, grasping the glow?

What the hell is that? 

Now, you had to be very quick as within a half of a second, the “glow” of the (4 cent  red) QE stamp disappeared.
Some of you may have heard of individuals sticking their head in a bag and taking deep breaths, but not for stamps. 🌿🌿🌿

Just think if I were doing the inhaling thing, a few of those stamps may have stuck in my nostrils.

Then? 🗣🗣
Quite frequently I would visit the local Flea Market on the weekends.

I was always looking for something, but never knew exactly what.
It just so happened that on one occasion I observed a vendor selling stamps, and with a small box of what I thought were Canada FDC’s. 

Of course curiously I went over, talked to the gentleman and did a quick perusal of his stock.

Done, Finished!! 

I left.

However, once at home a few thoughts were rolling around in my head.
The following week I went to the Flea Market, made my way directly to the stamp dealer and started to look at a few FDC’s.

Some were priced and some weren’t, which begged the question how much is this one, or this one?
As I was by NO means an expert, the two or three covers I picked out were a little more difficult to find than most others.

So, they were not priced which resulted in no sale, as the stamp guy took the covers and placed them at the back table.

I guess to be priced for another day.
But in my mind I was thinking, if this gentleman dealer can do this (sell stamps) maybe I can as well.

Obviously at the time I had very little material,  so within a couple of months I cooked a deal with my first stamp dealer.

Consequently I would get a few consignment items, and attempt to sell at the flea market.
Oh!! So you think you can sell stamps?

I was in for a reality check.

Shock is another word for it.
Table rent was $10 for the day, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

So with all my stuff and not that much really, I had my first 
experience selling stamps. 
Revenue for the day $1.20. Well, now what?
Not to be discouraged, I followed up with my first Edmonton Stamp Club Show.

At this time attempting to sell STAMPS, yes only STAMPS.

Then another show “here” or “there”... but but but?
As I looked around with all of those stamp dealers, with tons of material, various exhibits etc, I just could not compete.  
Besides I wasn’t selling much then.

However, a “strong message”, still glued in my mind was forthcoming.
What was it? Who was it? Read On. 

But a little bit of a sidetrack. 
As I continued, Flea Marketing with feeble attempts at Shows, I met a friend who had quite a bit of stuff. 

So we teamed up, continued to find more material, researched, priced items and slowly started to sell.

There was no rhyme or reason for what we bought. 

 As far as Philatelic Dealers, we were novice to say the least..
Experience gained though....
The “strong message” Next Week!! The next week?

 Take care,
John Bucci

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