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Where Have All The Canada Postcards Gone?

🎶 “Where Have All The (Canada Postcards), Gone…
…Long Time Passing?“
🎶 “Where Have All The (Canada Postcards), Gone,
Long Time Ago”🎶
🎶 “Young Collectors Have Picked Them Everyone.”🎶

The Story 😢
MJR has thousands and thousands of Postcards. However, where have all those early vintage Canadian real photo postcards gone? 👀
MJR is as dry as two humps on a Camels back without water. Imagine the thought process of two Camels 🐪 🐪 as they prepare for a trip, with empty humps, let’s say “humphed out “ and let’s say without a “water pump” in sight! ⛽️
This is no ordinary trip. It is a trip through the:
1. Sahara desert in Africa,
2. Death Valley in California
3. Osoyoos desert in British Columbia, Canada!
(How many of you knew that B.C. had a desert)
As this almost disastrous trip is before them, one Camel turns to the other and says, “My tongue is stuck to the top of my mouth!”
The other Camel says, “Bullshit! You aren’t able to talk if your tongue is stuck! It doesn’t move!!!”
Oh!! Oh!!

So MJR is over a barrel - or let’s say on a hump 🐫 - as we are….

• if you are thinking of tossing old “RPPC postcards” in the trash;
• if you’re really not attached to them; or,
• if you’re in need of a little cash — John Bucci is interested!
Here are examples of Canadian Real Photo Postcards that I’m interested in. (Most pre 1960.)

• Small towns with name identified on the front image;
• Street scenes - store fronts;
• Fire halls, trucks, horse drawn fire wagon, equipment, fires;
• Oil derricks, oil fields, tanks, pumps;
• Mining, lumbering, pulp mills, factories;
• Building construction, scaffolding, road development;
• Railroad depots, stations, locomotives, rail bridge construction;
• Buses, depots;
• N.W.M.P., RCMP
• Cars, motorcycles;
• Military camps, parades, propaganda;
• Parades, stampedes;
• Post office);
• Airplanes…

Please, have a Selling price in mind $.
Thank you!!
John Bucci, MJR

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