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Why Do Dealers Use The Auction Route?

Hello collectors,

 Do you ever wonder why so many dealers choose the auction route when listing on sites such as Ebay, Delcampe and others?

 Well, the obvious answer in my opinion, is that they have "no idea" of the price and they want to maximize their return.

 The item was likely purchased as part of a much larger collection for very little.

 My thoughts are two fold on this:

1. Do your homework and research, whether it be the internet, the knowledge of collectors, the local stamp club, etc. Then, step out, make a decision and put a price on it.

2. If MJR makes a mistake in pricing an item, so be it.

Our approach is to enhance the experience for the collector. If you happen to find a treasure while browsing our items, and in some cases a pricey one that is "good for you",  we would rather it become a part of your collection, than worry about making the extra dollar or two.

We hope that you find a treasure within the items listed in this newsletter.

Continue to have fun collecting and as a reminder, we are listing on Ebay with Seller ID mjrpcc.

Thank you,

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