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Hello folks,

You will no doubt remember the name of Wop (Wilfrid) May, who was a part of the eventual demise of the "Red Baron" 0n April 21 1918, in northern France. After WWI, Wop May was involved in different air services, particularly in northern Canada where he delivered mail between key communities.  The cover above from Fort Resolution to Fort McMurray, dated December 15, 1929, is signed by Wop May, pilot.

But did you know that Wop May was instrumental in catching one of Canada's most notorious wanted men -- Mad Trapper Albert Johnson? Early in 1932, the RCMP of the NWT asked May to do an aerial search for the elusive trapper, and his tracks.  This was the first time the RCMP had used aerial searches.  Not only did May help find the Mad Trapper, but he also saved lives.  During the final assault an RCMP officer was gravely wounded.  May landed his airplane beside the stricken officer, and was able to fly him 200 km for medical assistance, thereby saving his life.

The history of the RCMP is just filled with interesting characters and events.  I hope to tease you with some of these fascinating stories, in the hope that you might drop by to see the huge display of the history of the RCMP at the Edmonton National Stamp Show, March 28 and 29, at the Central Lions Recreation Centre.  More stories to come.


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